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The album features remixes of Artifact tracks by Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale, Ming+FS, Collective Efforts, Richard Devine, Genetic, Metrognome, Sub-Id, Eliot Lipp, Eustacian, Machine Drum, Bassnectar, Mr. Liff, Slicker, and LowPro Lounge. Resleeved by The Designers Republic.

1. Better Day Remix (Sub-id)

2. Tokyo Remix (Machinedrum)

3. Possibilities Remix (Collective Efforts)

4. Tokyo/Better Day Remix (Ming+FS)

5. By The Morning Sun Remix (Slicker)

6. Somesing (Eustachian 24hr. White Knuckle Mix)

7. Possibilities Remix (Eliot Lipp & Leo 123)

8. Better Day/Trinocular STSDevine Remix (Richard Devine)

9. By the Morning Sun Remix (Metrognome)

10. Possibilities Remix (Mr. Lif)

11. Tokyo Shinjuku Flashback Mix (Bill Laswell)

12. Somesing Remix (Bassnectar Remix)

13. ReEmergence, Beat the Science Remix (Karsh Kale)

14. Peoples, Cause & FX remix (Lowpro Lounge feat. Audio Angel & ill45)

15. Better Day Remix (Genetic)